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Women's Moccasins - A variety of handcrafted women's moccasins made out Canadian moose hide, cowhide, or deerskin leather.

Women's Moccasin Slippers - Handcrafted moccasin slippers in comfortable sizes.

Women's Mukluks/Boots - Moccasin boots made for shopping, going to the movies, or active wear.

Men's Moccasins - Durable moccasins made from the finest leathers.

Men's Slippers - Leather slippers made from the best leathers.

Men's Snowshoe Boots - Hand sewn boots in a variety of leathers and styles.

Unisex Fur Hats - Fur hats made for Men and Women. STOCK NOT AVAIABLE

Men's Gloves and Mittens - Handmade women's fur hats made from luxurious Canadian Furs.
                                               STOCK NOT AVAILABLE

Women's Fashion Mittens and Gloves - Handmade women's gloves and mittens made from luxurious Canadian leather. STOCK NOT AVAILABLE

Canadian Aboriginal Art - Masks, paddles, and carvings of North American/First Nations peoples.

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Product Information - Read about our long history of making high quality footwear from the finest leathers

Size Information - Ordering information and sizes for women, men, youth, and children.

How To Measure Your Feet - Measuring information and sizes for women and men.

Moccasin Soles - Information on the variety of soles found on our moccasins.

How To Clean Moccasins - Information on cleaning moccasins.

Blog- "Moccasin Musings" -  You are most welcome to read the articles or comment on the musings.

About Us - Get to know us by visiting this part of our web site.

Contact Us - Various ways of communicating with Marie

Shipping/Return Policies - Policies that regulate shipping or returning products.

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FAQ - Questions and answers about Marie and their products.

What our Customers are saying about us - Read what others have to say about Marie

How To Make A Pair Of Moccasins - Excellent instructions for making your own pair of moccasins.

Moccasin History - Learn all about moccasins.

Moccasin Map - A map of North American/First Nations peoples and their moccasins.

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