What Our Customers Are Saying

"You guys make the best moccasins. Thanks and good luck" - Gaston

"I got them today already. They were exactly as I had hoped and fit perfectly. I expect to live in them. Thanks so much, and for your excellent service too. Margaret (PS) If you have an email list please add my address."

"I received my mukluks yesterday! Thank you for the awesome customer service - answering all of my questions and sending the package quickly! Top notch!"- Lindsay

"Thank you very much for your patience, generosity and promptness."- Brian

"Thanks for your help...I've received the Deer Tan #121 moccasins for my Grandson! Have a wonderful Holiday season." - Bob

"Although we were disappointed that the slippers did not fit, we are extremely pleased with both your website and your customer service. It is terrific."- Susan

"Thanks so much for your help, you have terrific customer service. That's so rare these days and it's appreciated. If you have a card I'd love it if you'd send one along so I remember to order again from your company." - Jenn

"I could tell from the moment I opened the box that these were going to be the best moccasins that I've ever owned. I also want to commend you for the very professional way that the whole order and delivery process was handled. Kudos!"- Patti

"I actually received the shoes today! Much faster than I expected:) Thank you very much, I absolutely love them." - Kateryna

"My daughter loves her new shoes. I'm sure we'll be back when she outgrows them." Caroline

"Just wanted to let you know that my girlfriend loves the mocs... and I love looking at them! thanks again!" Steven

Megan writes: "My Grandma gave me moccasins for Christmas. I just love them. They are so soft and cozy. I wear them all of the time. And they look good too, I just love them."

Landon (age 12): "Actually, I like them. I seem to be wearing them all of the time. Comfortable, fit good, and I just seem to put them on. I even wear them outside!"

"Wow, I had no idea you were such as personal company. The customer service is amazing! I would love for you to continue my order, and I look forward to receiving the amazing boots that your company produces! Cheers," Ken

Ken writes: "Oh, they are very good. Comfortable that's for sure, warm, stay on the feet. I'm really happy with them and would never switch now. I'd recommend them definitely, without a thought. Price is right too, considering their quality. Great service too! I wouldn't switch from my moccasin slippers...."

Don emails "Thanks for the Great service."

Diane emails " My moccasins arrived today, and they are beautiful! Thank you very much. My daughter will be very happy with her pair."

Lisa writes "...I love the slippers and they were a hit!!!"

Colleen comments "...you guys are great to deal with..."

"Moccasins arrived yesterday morning. Just beautiful and the right size. I can not get over the quality !! Would recommend these to anybody ! Thanks again." Hans

"Thank YOU so much for emailing me the update on the delivery time frame. I am so excited about getting these little moccasins for my new born niece who is adorable. Will be shopping with you guys again soon! Have a great holiday!" Jan.

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my shoes 2 weeks ago and I'm loving them! I just went snowshoeing with them for the first time today and I couldn't ask for a better pair of shoes. They are also warm and comfy enough while I work." Melody

"...I'm actually very glad to have found your web shop; both my mother and father have pairs of Amik snowshoe boots that have lasted many years, and they both swear that these are the best winter boots they have ever worn. They are warm; the doe skin stays supple and becomes even better with age; waterproof with the proper care; and best of all, the crepe sole sticks to the ice like you wouldn't believe. I hope you'll continue to stock these types of boots since they are quite hard to find elsewhere!" Maureen S.

"Greetings from Greece. I would like to thank you in advance for taking the trouble to make me a pair of slippers so that I can relax comfortably in my spare time!!! You have an amazing collection and I couldn't resist so I ordered more as gifts for dear friends. keep up the good work. Yours sincerely Vasilis Govas "

"Hello again Gene, I received my moccasins yesterday and I have to tell you that they are the most wonderful shoes, but you already knew that. I will definitely be back to order more. I absolutely love my moccasins. thanks so much." Chris

"Wow, great service Gene, thanks so much; I'm glad I found your store,... Have a great day." Elizabeth

"I would like to thank you for this post. Most companies wouldn't bother getting back to the customer. This shows you take an interest and pride in your company" Bette K.

"My mocs arrived today and are wonderful. The quality is great and they fit perfect as they are snug right now and will form to my foot. Thanks so much for a great product. Oh so soft and comfy!" Bette B.

"The slippers arrived yesterday and my husband loves them. Thanks for all your help and have a very merry Christmas." Judy

" I have received the parcel, and am very pleased with the moccasins. Thanks to your measurement information; they are a perfect fit, and I am looking forward to wearing them daily! This has been a most satisfactory transaction." Frank P.

"Just a note to tell you that my snowshoe moccasins arrived Monday in a snowstorm. As soon as they came out of he box I took them for a short snowshoe in the woods. They are all I hoped they would be: soft, warm, tough and nice to look at. Thanks for great service," Paul

"Wow, I had no idea you were such as personal company. The customer service is amazing! I would love for you to continue my order, and I look forward to receiving the amazing boots that your company produces! Cheers " Ken

"I received my order noted below today and want to thank you. These are the exact moccasins I was seeking to replace. I could not be more happy with order!! Again, thank you and know that I am very happy with my order." Judy

"... My wife received her slippers this morning and is absolutely delighted with them as she has bought several pairs in Canada in the past and really likes them. Many thanks for all your responses with best wishes for the future." Regards Jim K.

"I wanted to let you know I have picked up the slippers at the post office yesterday and they look great! Thanks for all your help!" - Kelsey

"My moccasins arrived safe and sound at 10.00hours at my door-step today, 11th Feb. 2010, or in your American way 2.11.2010. They are very comfortable and a good fit. Just as I wanted them." "go rebh mille mait agat" as we say in Ireland. ( Many thanks in English) Pax Tecum - George"

"He loves the slippers...  the ones I got this year are actually his second pair as he wears them all the time..  I thought the Moccasins would be a nice option for when it gets a little warmer.  Thanks for your note.  Have a lovely day too!- Anna"