1.What size should I order?

A. We recommend that you order the same shoe size you are currently wearing.
If you wear a 1/2 size , please order - Men: next size up, Women: order half size down.
For more information, please go to SIZE INFORMATION on the left hand side of this web page

2.Should I waterproof my moccasins/boots?

A. We suggest that you apply a good a leather cream on smooth leather to keep your footwear in "like new condition". If your moccasins do get wet, let them "air-dry" naturally and not in the sunlight. Do not use heat sources such as stoves, campfires, hairdryers, etc. These procedures leave your moccasins dry and crisp, and unable to be restitched or resoled. After drying, while the moccasins are slightly damp, make sure you use a quality leather cream to ensure the moccasins stay in "like new" condition. For more information, go to HOW to CLEAN MOCCASINS on the left side of this web page.

3.Do you ship outside of Canada/Continental USA?

A. Yes. For orders over 3 items, we ask you to contact us via email ( in order to arrange appropriate shipping.

4.When can I expect the delivery of my moccasins/slippers/boots order?

A. Once the order has been placed, depending where you live, expect normal delivery from 3-10 business days (working days) in Canada. Christmas season deliveries may also take longer. Outside of Canada, increased security at Custom Inspection may also delay receipt of the order.

5. What if I want a refund?

A. Please go to Shipping/Return Policies section on the Home page for complete information. You can expect a refund within 30 days of our receiving your returned product. You will be refunded the shipping cost if the return is a result of a manufacturer error or a shipping error on our part.

6. Can I order a printed catalog?

A. We apologize; Because we care about our environment, we print no paper catalog. Instead, you may browse through our portfolio online.

7. What are the shipping/handling charges for orders shipped within Canada? USA?

A. Unless otherwise stated, Marie prices include shipping charges for orders within Canada and $10.00(CND) for continental USA orders. All orders are shipped via Canada Post.

8. What will my information be used for?

A. All transactions are STRICTLY confidential. We will never sell ,trade, or rent ANY information about you.

9. Can we order over the phone?

A. Yes, you can. Simply send us your phone number via an email and the best time to call. We will contact you or phone 250-828-2185.

10. Where can I find information on Marie

A. Please Click About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy

11.How can I find what I am looking for on the web site?

A. You can use our Site Map, use the Search/Browse on the left hand side of this page or click on the pages at bottom of this page.

12.How does Marie Shoes' prices compare with other sites?

A. Our prices our very competitive and certainly less than one would pay at a retail store.

13.Can I expect my order to be in stock?

A. Yes, we have a good inventory of merchandise based on many years of service. However, during peak order times, like Xmas, we do run out of stock of our popular styles and sizes.

14.What are the benefits of Marie Shoes' merchandise?

A. Our products are original, handcrafted, amazingly comfortable, practical, finely crafted out of the finest leathers, made in Canada, and delivered to your door.

15.What's the difference between a single and a double sole?

A. Single sole means that the moccasin sole is made from a one piece of leather. Double sole means that the moccasin has an additional piece of leather sewn to the bottom of the sole to give additional protection for your feet.

16.What is a Business Day?

A. Business days are Monday through Friday.

17. If in stock, what size should I order for my baby?

A. Even though mocs/slippers conform to baby's feet and are more pliable...USE INFANT"S REGULAR SHOE SIZE. For new born baby gifts, as a general guide: infants from 4 to 6 months size 2, 10 months (just walking) size 3, 1 year (walking) size 4, 18 months (running) size 5.

18. Can I order larger sizes that are not available on your web site?

A. Unfortunately, we do not make larger sizes beyond size 12 for Men and size 10 for Women.

19. Do you take special orders?

A. At one time we could accommodate these requests. We used to make a lot of special orders, even for just one pair. Unfortunately, it happened too many times that the special order was returned to us because the person did not like it as much as they had thought, or because it was a bit too small, or a bit too large..... or any other reason you can think of........ So the production manager has now declined special orders.

20. What credit cards are accepted for payment?

A. We accept VISA and MasterCard credit cards.

21. Why was I notified that my credit card account was declined?

A. Receiving this notification means that we did not receive payment authorization from your financial institution. If your credit card payment was declined, we recommend contacting your Bank's Customer Service Representative to verify the card number, expiration date, and billing address.

22. Is the color I see on the website the actual color of the product?

A. While we strive to accurately represent our products on our website, the actual color and texture cannot always be properly conveyed in a digital photograph. The reason for this ranges from the lighting used when the photograph was taken to the settings on your computer monitor display.

If you feel an image on our site misrepresents the product, please let us know. We always appreciate the feedback!

23. Why do you require my email address and phone number to place an order?

A. For cardholder protection, we are required to obtain a phone number as part of our billing verification process. Because of this, we are not able to process orders that are submitted without one.

In addition, we require an email address so that we may confirm your order, let you know when your order has been mailed, or let you know if any pressing issue arises. Keep in mind that your privacy is very important to us and we promise not to sell, trade, or rent your email address to any third party.
That's a promise!

24. How do I determine what my billing address is?

A. We ask for your billing address and phone number during the checkout process. This is the information that the credit card provider has on file for you (and likely the address where your statement is mailed). To determine what this is, contact the financial institution which issued your credit card by calling the phone number listed on the back of your credit card.

25. How can I check and track the status of my order?

A. After you place your order, we will send you a tracking number via email that contains a link to your Order Tracking page. (If you do not receive this email, please check your spam filters.)

Checking the Status of Your Order

When you view your order tracking page, you will be able to see the status of the your order as so:

"New" - means we have received your order.

"In Process" - means your order is currently getting ready to be shipped. This includes everything from verification of your "billing" and "mail-to" information to boxing the order.

"Completed" - means your order has left our warehouse or the vendor's warehouse and is en route to you. You can click on the Canada Postal Tracking Number to check the shipping status (see below for more info).

"Back Ordered" - means that that the item is not in stock and we have ordered it to be made.

Tracking Your Order

When we mail your order, we will send you an email with a Canada Post Tracking Number. Then you can track the progress of your order at Please note that we have no jurisdiction on an order once it has been mailed.

26. The length is comfortable in my mukluks/moccasins ... but are tight in the width. How can I stretch the width?

A. Our footwear is made out of natural leather and will conform to your foot for a great fit. To widen your mukluk/moccasin... wear a heavy sock for awhile or you can go to a shoemaker and have them stretched.