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  1. Moccasins are an excellent alternative to modern-day footwear. They are good for the health of your feet by allowing the feet to breath more naturally. In addition, while wearing moccasins, your posture improves. Moccasins are the next best thing to bare feet while walking. They allow the feet to naturally connect with the earth's surface. Moccasins allow one to feel the ground and offer free movement for a more natural walk. Our feet muscles need exercise and when encased in supportive footwear, the muscles are not being used to the same extent. By wearing moccasins outdoors, one has less impact on the environment. Imagine wearing shoes with a heavy rubber sole and walking across a lawn versus a supple leather moccasin sole. Which would have the least impact? Shoes are heavy compared to moccasins causing the body to work harder than necessary and denying it its natural grace of form and ease of movement. All in all, moccasins are better for your feet than clunky shoes!


    Throw away those hiking boots!!!  

    You Walk Wrong

    QUOTE of the Day

    "Never criticize a man until you've walked a mile in his moccasins."

  2. Here are 10 reasons why moccasins are good for you:
    • Long lasting and durable footwear
    • Easy maintenance- no buffing or shoe polishing
    • Forms naturally to YOUR foot providing a cozy fit
    • Very light and breathable footwear
    • Improves your posture
    • Your sole feels the surface you are walking on
    • Unique authentic beading
    • Very attractive footwear
    • Best value for your dollar
    • Easy to slip into
  3. The Boot of Choice

    MUKLUK- A high calf boot worn in the Canadian Arctic and is usually made from sealskin. Traditionally, it was worn by the Inuit before spreading south to First Nations peoples.
    Over time, voyagers and pioneers saw the value and adopted the style to suit their purposes.
    Today, the mukluk has evolved its way to the fashion halls of North America. Gone is the soft sole and replaced by rubber, allowing excellent traction in snowy conditions. Now, sheepskin fleece line the mukluk which allows the boot to wick away moisture as quick as a cat. Sealskin has moved over to moose hide as well as other leathers. As an adornment, tassels and pom poms were added for extra flair. Recently, starlets can be seen wearing the boots as a fashion accessory. Sports enthusiasts have made good use of mukluk in winter sports such as snowshoeing. In fact, snowshoe boots are a very close relative with the original mukluk worn by the Inuit. You can still find Inuit mukluks in Northern Canada but just try to buy a pair that doesn't cost you an arm and leg or maybe two legs to purchase.
    So if you want a light and warm as well as durable boot, grab yourself a pair. You'll never regret it.
  4. HINTS

    • While still damp, condition the moccasins. Dry in a warm dry place, not in direct sunlight.
    • Condition your moccasins as needed, to prevent the leather from becoming dry.
    • It is important to note that from the very first time you wear or treat your moccasins, you will change their look. Don't let the likelihood of a slight change in color prevent you from taking the best care of the leather.
    • Place your footwear in a safe place if you are near dogs or cats. They think the footwear is ideal for chewing.

    There are few ways to adjust the fit of a pair of boots.

    Boots too small or tight:

    If the boots are too tight and has an insert, it can be removed or replaced with a thinner insert. Thinner socks can be worn if the boots are too tight. Remember boots/mukluks will strech to "form fit" your feet.

    Boots too large:

    Heavier socks can be used. A thicker insole insert can be substituted.

  6. On this day in history, April 22, 1970, the brainchild of Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, U.S.A. was launched - Earth Day!  Millions of Americans, including students from thousands of colleges and universities, participated in rallies, marches, and educational programs to put the environment on the political agenda. 
    Earth Day is celebrated annually since, now a world wide event.  So, put on your moccasins and go out and celebrate Earth Day, be part of the nationwide demonstration of concern for our environment. It’s not too late to care.
  7. April 15, 1912 – On this day, in history, the RMS Titanic, billed as unsinkable, sank into the icy waters of the North Atlantic killing 1,517 people.
    On its first voyage, from Southampton, England, to New York the Titanic was carrying 2,206 people, including a crew of 898.  A relatively mild winter had produced a bumper crop of icebergs in the North Atlantic, but the crew, believing their ship was unsinkable, paid scant attention to warnings.
    The night of April 14, 11:40 p.m., the Titanic was struck by an iceberg.  At 2:20 a.m., on the 15th, the Titanic sank.  705 people made it into the lifeboats.  Molly Brown was one of these survivors.  A commoner, from the Old West, made rich during the Gold Rush, was shunned by the bluebloods.  She gained everlasting fame for her actions during this tragedy.  She took command of the little lifeboat and helped rescue a drowning sailor and other victims. To keep spirits up, she regaled the anxious survivors with stories of her life in the Old West.
    The harrowing ocean scenes for the movie “Titanic” were filmed off the shores of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the closest major seaport to the actual disaster.  100 victims of the Titanic rest in Halifax cemeteries.   Moccasins, made in Halifax, are quiet on this day.
  8. There are many old-fashioned phrases or sayings, and many old wives tales that turn out to be true!  But, what do they look like?  On YouTube this week we watched a video of a family of beavers restoring their house of sticks.  Time was of the essence in this beaver family’s life.  The river ice had been merciless in pressing, and rubbing and crunching their little beaver house over the winter but spring was on the cusp and with it a reprieve from the elements was imminent in the form of Chinook winds. 
    Chinook winds blow up from the south and soften the intricately woven, but now frozen, sticks making up the beaver house.  When Mr. & Mrs. Beaver feel those winds a’ blowing they get to work.  Up out of their den they pop with a mouthful of sticks, sticks sharply pointed at either end.  They carry the sticks a short jaunt across the ice to their exposed house rooftop and immediately begin any repairs needed.
    They know from inherent experience that time is short.  They know that the length of time Chinook winds blow, warming the rooftop and allowing repair work to take place, will be short lived.  Mr. & Mrs. Beaver stop abruptly but quickly acknowledge the cameraman and as instantly slough off his presence as a necessary evil and get to work prying and stuffing and jabbing their repair sticks into place.  They are videoed working incessantly and with engineering supremacy to get the job done. 
    This YouTube video gives meaning in real time to the phrase “working like a beaver” – if you know this, you know how to work!
    See the whole story at

  9. Trail ran from Manhattan, New York to Lake Erie!
    During a tour of the city of New York it was commented that today’s famous Broadway was once an Indian trail that snaked through rocks and swamps along the length of Manhattan Island.  It was then called The Wickquasgeck Trail by colonists where notes record “seeing the Lenni Lenape (true people) passing every day”.  The trail continued on up through today’s Yonkers, to Tarrytown, and on to Albany where it joined the Mohawk (Iroquois) Trail.  The Mohawk Trail ran via River Valley, a natural route to the west from Albany to Lake Erie. 
    The Dutch renamed the trail from Wickquasgeck (the Lenape clans that lived in the area) to Breede weg which translated to Broadway.  
    Broadway is known worldwide as the heart of the American theatre industry.
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